Sunday, 14 November 2010

Welcome back to anyone who is stupid enough to stumble upon this Glup

Yes, because I said so. These were one of the first words I am going to think about and the best thing about them is they are appropriate in most conversation the day to day average brain dead is having. So you might think that ..., guess not. The reason for my typing up such a confusing intro is simple; I would like to be reminded why my brother is still bothering with a fat piglet.
In fact she is one of the people I dispise the most, and let this be a lesson to all you mothafukas: you think your all hot shit really trying to get some hot piece of ass to be a retard servant for the rest of your life - and while it might just last a little longer than expected the slut never fails to take a huge dump on your social life, whilst convincing you its all for the best and that you are in control. yes, you can do what ever your majesty - but wait - you didn't really read the terms of agreement and now your fkd. And I ain't makin shit up, no far be it from my rant to be insulting random strangers - but you guessed it, its your fault and you know you did wrong, but yes I forgive you. Read this, don't read it, I don't give a shit. Its not really the best way to express something without building momentum (blogging), but you guessed it, I am cheap and appear to be in some way thought provoking (1x1=2?!). not really, have a nice day.

Your biatch,
Tim Canh

p.s. I might not go down in history but I will go down on your mother

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