Thursday, 13 May 2010

Language a Barrier - A wild theory

The world today consists of about 195 countries, speaking around 6800 languages. However, we find that some of them are disappearing, some of them are counted, even though they are dialects and some of them were counted twice.

Such a figure in the wrong context can confuse, but let me put a wild thought in your head - what if we all only spoke one language? No, I am not referring to peace and love or body language, I literary mean -the- same language.
At the moment, the words we speak through our mouths are still different, but what about our thought? No, we think in language too.

So why do we speak? We communicate with one another in daily life to advance and become a more sophisticated, loving, caring and respected being. Our intention to speak is sparked by the power of words, driven through generations. So to speak, our intention to speak is universal, therefore the meaning of what we intend to communicate is universal, and thus interpretable.

So what is language? A computer, for example, uses basic binary language to communicate within itself and to other computers. However, before sending binary (and possibly due to security measures), it encrypts such data to an unintelligible form, unreadable by a third party. A similar situation would be, you sitting on a table with two aliens (literally aliens, e.g. E.T.) and they were communicating through 43JDSLAnguage, but you do not understand a word. Their words do not make sense, maybe you get an idea of what they are talking about, but it will certainly make you feel isolated.

Thus, I propose - What if language is just an encryption? Somewhere out there lies a key, a key to unlock a universal language, hidden beneath all thought, word (but not deed) and tone. English (commonly accepted as world language) is just a second path we are taking, but misinterpretation is unhealthy and takes away part of/adds to the intention. Just look at the way we interpret meaning from books, art, music etc. We deriviate from the artists'/writers' intention and even add on our own personal meaning.

A key would therefore enable us to connect, bond and most important of all - understand. A device that lets us access parts of the brain creating intention, our driving factor. Even by me typing and thinking about the subject, takes away and adds intention. I would have loved to spill out my thoughts, and although they are lateral and abstract, people would be able to relate. But if you understood anything I was trying to communicate, spread the word.
For now, I can only dream of consuming art in its pure form.


Keep in mind, this is only a theory that is stuck in my mind and in no way represents any religious ideas, ideals, beliefs etc. etc.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Why does it keep me on-line?

hey, my name is Jeff and I am an addict. my question is: "how do I get offline"?
- I swear this was my alter-ego

My little YOUtube experiment.

This experiment is going to be about an extensive investigation into YouTube's frameworks. In fact, the single idea I was inspired by is: How much voice is given to the individual through this site?
I've uploaded an interesting video, which has the potential of becoming a hit.

Observe my progress here.

Keep REAL music ALIVE

Cheap computers, an overflow of no creativity, no standards. Thank you very much.

Props to: Eric Clapton, Mike Oldfield, Prince.

Religion: Hope for the middleman

I am sorry in advance for writing about such an issue, but religion has been going through my mind lately.
There is a lot going on in the world, but religion - giving us wisdom and knowledge - has created pain. Pain in the own institution and we are all observing. The way I was brought up was traditional, I believed in god and in fact I still have not made my mind up yet. I am just as undecided as ever.
It doesn't help if the church tells me that I have to let someone into my life. I would like to think that I am in total control over who I become. If I strive to become a generic unit of god - loving and peaceful- then I would be just as unhappy to see that there is still evil in the world.
In fact, there is no argument for or against the belief in god, but there is a way to happiness. It certainly does not include trust in another power - one of magnitude greater than yourself.
I would want to believe, that by achieving balance in my own life through creativity, work and friendship, I encapsulate my being in a positive aura.
Since this is only my first post and it is full of subjective opinion, I would want YOU to tell me your theory on happiness.
I will leave you with a topical quote: "Belief is dangerous, if practiced blind."