Wednesday, 24 November 2010

101 anger Management & attention span training

you know what really grinds my gears is the fact that people seem to be asses minding only their own ass. yeah, most of them anyways. it always makes me giggle inside when I grind someone else's gears without them thinking that I have no intention of even doing so. then people get really mad, its like when someone has an open flesh wound and you intentionally drop salt on that. yep, it burns, but pain is funny isn't it, or is the only way to fight pain humor? tell me.
well, get your head out of your ass and, well, tell me what your doing is great. everything you say, or have done is what has gotten you in this position, and this is what really matters. at least to you. noob. I think its time to change things up a little, open ourselves to a new perspective, one where you try to do the right thing, BUT not by your standards but by logic. logic leads to happiness, at least it is my belief, if mixed with a little emotion and stirred a little with ignorance. thats who I am. but all you probably took away from that is me being an ignorant person. laugh out loud, not.
and this is my cue to move to the second part of my COMPLAINT (my feelings are hurt ;( .. ), attention span. yes its been mentioned before many a times but think of this, no one listened. and thats because you think you know something, but instead you are ignoring important stuff sitting right infront of you. not only the web has caused a degradation of vocab, but also age. older people drift off, think they hear something you are trying to say (one word if at most), trying to make sense of it and forget the next 3 minutes. what is the point? I am the sort of person that likes to get things done, others say might not be so successful, or think they have better ways, but I try to follow logic and if someone comes a long trying to give me advice, I still try to listen and make sense of it. thank you dear felsted friend who has taught me this important gift. this is how it went down. we were talking philosophy, the topic which I previously googled (guilty, ups) and made sense of. the guy sat there reading and when he finished we had a discussion. he asked me what I thought the author's point was and I just repeated google 101 and then the room got quite. I drifted off topic with another friend and 5 min later the other buddy was like, dude your right thats a cool way to look at it. I was totally shocked that he had thought about my stupid repetition for 5 minutes and then agreed. Since that day I try to evaluate things, think about stuff before I say something stupid. whatever I say has most meaning to me and if some people like my bff can't pick shit up, its partly my fault, but he doesn't reason well, so its also partly his fault. I like to get things done and when I choose my close friends I try to pick the ones that do as well, but sometimes I make a bad choice and he would be the worst example of the exact opposite: say things, that have little to no meaning, almost sounding completely like a dick. he told me that he has big plans, visits a fancy school, but i know he cries a little inside, which is why he still is one of my closest friends, and the fact that I can't seem to find any other ones. could be me, could be the fact that I live on a mountain. feast yourselves psychologists.

ps. people never change, and if they do its for the worse / i totally ripped that off somewhere, you suck

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